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5380580 EC3 Section 11 Mr. Jonathan Green Persuasive Speech 1 Outline Topic: Education paradoxs in outdoor(a) beas. frequent Purpose: To deflect Specific Purpose: To persuade passel to elaborate facts of life problems in Thailand. Central theme: there ar two ways to improve the education, which ar donation, and MUIC inform club. Introduction:A dream you dream and when is only a dream. A dream you dream to placeher is reality. said by John Lennon. at that placefore, in order to foster the children in remote land that have an inadmit education because of the governments defectively work. We should work to pressher to devise the dream of the children come true. There be two major(ip) ways to improve the education, which are donation, and MUIC offer club. Body I. The major problem of schools in remote area is lack of supports. * Lack of supports * No schools (Keenapan, 2009) * No supplies (Narns Volenteers, 2009) * Books * Computers * net * No teachers (Narns Volenteers, 2009) II. There are some solutions that could solve the problem. * present money or things * certify 2011 2 Manchester unite players come to help raising pecuniary resource (Manchester, 2011) * Donate books (Pohsee, 2011) * MUIC Volunteer club * Baan Phu Sawan School * Volunteer camp 2010 * Re-build depository library (R. Wannaratt, individual(prenominal) communication, 2011) * Build multi-purpose area (R. Wannaratt, in-person communication, 2011) * Teaching English (R. Wannaratt, personal communication, 2011) III. The solutions could be beneficial to children. * Children have a place to soften (Keenapan, 2009) * Better class room (Narns Volenteers, 2009) * Gain more(prenominal) knowledge (R. Wannaratt, personal communication, 2011) Conclusion: In conclusion, th ere are two major ways to help the children ! to get the becharm education, which are donation, and MUIC volunteer club. Small amount of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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