Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Diffidence Between Travel Agency Online and Offline

Leading University| induction | Difference between travel agencies| Submitted to Arpita Chakrawborthy subscriber duty memorial tablet department Leading University, Sylhet Submitted by 0901010216Md. Moydul Islam 0901010215Abid Hussain 0901010209Monwara Begum Ruby 0901010187Sayeed Ahmed Jaigirdar 0901010207Shamsher Ali Liton Acknowledgment WE would lke to thank and extend our heartfelt gratitude to our phone line instructor who have made the completion of this presentation constitution affirmable by giving us instruction nigh our depicted object and gave us an opportunity to make this paper. Arpita Chakrawborthy lecturer & Course Coordinator Dept. of Business Administration Leading University,Sylhet Chapters| content| Page| Chapter one| Introduction| | | 1.1 explanation | | | 1.2 Literature search| | | 1.3 Literature Review| | | 1.3.1 General objectives| | | 1.3.2 circumstantial Objective| | Chapter dickens| Re sult and watchword| | | 2.1 Result| | Chapter triple| Comparison and Discussion| | | 3.1 Comparisons| | | 3.2 Discussion| | Chapter four| Appendix| | | 4.1 Questionnaires | | Content page vacate Online religious return is a part of our life. Most assemblage of the population depend on it to do their regular activities. modern- solar day people ar mostly depending on profit to dismay information or helping from online every day as tumesce as every moment. Now a days travel agencies Industries atomic number 18 involved in providing online service to their clients. non in exclusively the countries but most of the countries travel agencies are working in online to run their business according to clients demand. 1. Introduction Online service is a common and most used service all over the world. It helps us to do many duties or activities via internet anywhere. Now we cannot think a day without it. It helps us to snuff it with family, friends, re latives, business partner and so on. It also! helps us to...If you motive to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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