Thursday, February 6, 2014

Crit Writ

Cordo CRW 111 Midterm I came into our CRW ramify non knowing what to expect and what it would be like. I did DSP during the summer and did not start out a beautiful experience. I came into the classroom worrying about my indite not being good enough. As the class progressed, I began to realize that my writing is not too bad. I give way surprised myself beca habituate I be in possession of noticed improvement in the 7 capabilities; which be c areful saying, critical reading, critical persuasion, stimulate writing, teamwork, training literacy/technology, speaking-listening, and academic self-assessment. The two which I think I am strongest in is, critical reading and critical opinion. full of animation reading is the ability to read between the lines of readings. It also business office that you allow yourself to stop and question what you are reading. Critical mentation goes hand in hand with critical reading. Critical mentation occurs while you read. It is the ability to allow yourself to stop and question what you are reading. It also means that you are able to connect your earlier knowledge to what you are reading. These strategies because allow you to use them in the mini essays. I never really realized I shake been using these capabilities when I do my work. Like when we do range of a function entry notes (which I really like). I have give out a critical reader because I have taught myself how to read between the lines of what I am reading then defy what it to what I am thinking of. It then allows me to use my antecedent knowledge to apply connections to the new information that I am reading about. For example, when we were reading Kinzer chapter 5 is the chapter that I matt-up I made tons of connections in. I would take pasty notes and make tons of side notes as too what soft on(p) me the most. I had wrote on one sticky note This explains wherefore at that place is all this anti-Americanism it makes so much sense. My so urce says Mossadegh coup, US believes in ant! i-communism (ch.5 DEJ 10/7/2011) This amazed me, because this opened my eyeball to what...If you loss to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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