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Developmental Competencies And Challenges For Late Adulthood

DEVELOPMENTAL COMPETENCIES AND CHALLENGES FOR LATE ADULTHOODIntroductionLate adulthood is the term describing the close in an individual s life beginning at ages sixty or seventy and ending in death . This life power point is one of continuing change and adjustment in material and psychological realmsMajor concepts and distinctive features of motley companionable rolesSocializationThe family is the first fond institution for the nestlingren . They argon taught how to fit into the community and the various cordial institutions . The youngsterren learn the society s fond honors and culture . This in the long run helps in creating a cultural identity element for the children (Russell , 2004EducationChildren start their education the moment they are born . This includes some(prenominal) conventional and informal . They are taught basic survival skills such(prenominal) as linguistic process , interaction and hygiene . They afterwards ascend to formal schools where they lucubrate their knowledge on a widely variety of areas which later ends up in career specializationDisciplineThe child is taught respect , and playacting of household chores . This helps them to grow into mature and responsible for(p) adults . Discipline should be taught with compassion , reason and patience without communication channel , cry and spanking . The parents should learn to respect the children s growing freedom in to build self esteemProtectionThe family offers protection and security to the children . They should be do to feel safe both within the blank blank and without . They should be protected from some(prenominal) form of physical or psychological abuseClothingClothing is one of the basic needs that the family provides alongside forage and tax shelter . Children should be provided with adequate and the right clothing depending on the environm! entNutrition and intellectual nourishment securityIt is the responsibility of the family to provide nutritional requirements for the children . They should always determine that the meals are balanced and meet the various needs of the childrenShelterThe family provides a prompt and secure place for the children s development . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
It should protect the children from any harsh environmental conditions that may affect their developmentEmotional stabilityThe family should satisfy the child s wound up needs thus enhancing their emotional stability . The parents and children should drive friends . The parents should sh it an atmosphere where the children can confide in themHealthThe family should curb the children are healthy through proper nutrition and medicationContribution and captivate of social roles and how they influence individuals and families in the situationIn our case study , the social roles higher up are non adequately met due(p) to various inadequacies on the tell apart of the grandparentsThe grandchildren s socialization needs were not in full met . The grandparents broadly speaking had little interest in developing the children into a intact person . There was distance between them generally due to the generation gapThere grandchildren s education was also inhibited . This is because the grandparents did not value formal education so much since they did not shake off any of it themselves . They had limited resources since they are not working(a) . They were...If you want to score a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCusto

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