Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Forensic Victimology

There argon three finiss of forensic dupeology. It involves outlining the victims lifestyles and circumstance, the events leading up to the crime, and the nature of crime (Turvey, 2012, p. 125). By first identifying the victims lifestyle, a inspection and repair line to comp are (Turvey, 2012, p. 165) which f fiddleors of the victims floor or lifestyle are pertinent to the crime. This can hold recent consensual sex- as thoroughly as past STDs, actions taken by the victim later on the crime, history of drug abuse, and a history of mental or behavioral problems (Turvey, 2012, p. 166). All details are documented, and intended to transmit the exam, evidence collection, and crime lab abstract of findings (Turvey, 2012, p. 167). Gathering entropy from the victim about the events that may engage led up to the crime is another important goal of forensic victimology. By categorizing victim characterisation, it can be determined if a victim contributed to their own vict imization (Turvey, 2012, p. 170). The 13 categories are outlined in Turvey (2012) p. 171-172. Some elements include existence female, young, promiscuous, or a minority. some(prenominal) of these (and other) elements can contribute to a criminal act being committed against them. The nature of the crime must in like manner be examined.
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The 2007 case of Paige Brigfeld (as discussed in Turvey, 2012) a 34 stratum middle-aged woman disappeared, and was originally treated as a miss person in which no exposer to danger was evident. However, upon boost investigating in her personal habits and events she participat ed in prior to crime, the investigation shif! ted to include persons on interest from her not so dissipated condense lifestyle. According to Turvey (2012), the all-inclusive extent of her dangerous (and hidden) lifestyle is hush unknown. Which leads to the question... was her dangerous lifestyle a contributing figure to her disappearance? The case remains unsolved, and Mrs. Brigfeld remains missing (Turvey, 2012). modus vivendi exposure relates to a victims lifestyle, personal...If you want to get a full essay, tack it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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