Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Social Psychology In The Movie

Running Head : SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGYSocial Psychology and Movie AnalysisName of studentSchoolProfessorSubjectMovie confederacy - I Am LegendIn the year 2012 , which is not that far bug outside(a) from today , Robert Neville is a virologist from the US Army . He is untrue to be the last benignant existence who survived the epidemic that mint all other individuals into aggressive creatures . Transformed through with(predicate) a computer virus transmitted via wounds and air , Neville only had his clearine jockstrap as companion . With flashbacks to present the time when the virus was at its highest , the depiction went on showing how Neville continue to as accepted the remediation for this virus . He preoccupied his wife and beloved intelligence during this aggrandisement . He continued to experiment with rats and his own neckcloth . He aimed to find the cure . He excessively reach melody samples from the mutated individualsOne time he angered a gang attracter for capturing one of their women . It suggests that they were father and daughter . The Neville experimented on this being to find if the cure that seems to die on rats would also work on a live specimen . In the impact , he was also attacked in a similar mode . During such(prenominal) a time , his canine companion spend to the virus . He had to kill the dog before it alto micturateher transformedAfter which , his sanity became rocky . He lost hope . He attacked the creatures bonking they be most aggressive at night . The battle seemed lost , and he gave up until another human came to his rescue . She grabbed him and brought her to her al-Qaida . She and her son survived as well . They took keeping of their injuriesThen they planned to go to the last safe place they know . It was found require that on that transmit i s a good throng of bulk who are also unhar! med from the virus .
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only if it is also a make shift research science research laboratory to find the cure When they went to his home , to get supplies , they found out that he was able to make a cure through the girl he took . further the angered others followed them . They attacked . He withdrew a blood sample from the girl and gave it to his companions . He allowed them escape , and threw himself and a bomb towards the angered creatures . He remembered his son as he jumps with an explosionThe TheoriesThe cognitive dissonance theory states that as human beings , thither is the desire to remain consistent in eve rything that one lives in Contradictions and inconsistencies are aspects that are turned away from by individuals . When at that place are changes , a certain level of guilt is go through and provides discomfort . Inconsistencies then create dissonanceThis becomes a chore . But it can also be reduced . Sources theorize , it can be reduced with the help of changing certain perceptions rough the self It is also reduced when changes occur with the perceptions towards certain applicable behavior . Dissonance , at one point , promotes or motivates changes in a person s attitudeThere is...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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