Friday, October 11, 2013

Physics Tutorial

TUTORIAL 2 BASIC PHYSICS 2 (FMAX0112) SEMESTER 1 SESSION 2011/2012 1. A 500 N shear generate back is applied to one face of a block of aluminum measuring 10 cm on each(prenominal) side. What is the shift of that face sexual intercourse to the opposite face? [Shear modulus for elementic number 13 is 2.5 ? 1010 Nm-2 ] 2. A rectangular block of gelatin of length, width and extremum of 10 cm, 8.0 cm and 4.0 cm, respectively, is subjected to a 0.40 N shear cart on its upper surface. If the top surface is displaced 0.30 mm relative to the butt end surface, what is the shear modulus of the gelatin? 3. The centre of an atom has a stack of 3.8 ? 10-25 kg and is at rest. The nucleus is radioactive and suddenly ejects a particle of batch 6.6 ? 10-27 kg at a repair of 1.5 ? 107 ms-1. attend the recoil speed of the nucleus that is left behind. 4. A base lubber, of bus 0.20 kg, is pitched at 40 ms-1 and is hit at once back at the pitchers mound at 90 ms-1. go in the positive x -axis points toward the pitcher. (a) Find the impulse exerted by the bat on the ball (b) If the ball is in contact with the bat for 0.0035 s, meet the average tug exerted on the ball v 3 kg 15 g 10 cm 5. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
As shown in the find out above, a 1.5 g bullet is fired horizontally into a 3 kg block of wood suspended by a long cord. The bullet is then embedded in the block. Compute the velocity of the bullet if the impact causes the block to sweep 10 cm above its initial level. 6. A proton of mass 1.66 ? 10-27 kg collides head-on with a helium atom at rest. The helium atom has a mass of 6.64 ? 10-27 kg and recoils with a spe ed of 5 ? 105 ms-1. If the collision is elas! tic, what are the initial and final speeds of the proton? Izz (2011/2012) Dynamics of a System of Particles If you want to wear a full essay, order it on our website:

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