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The Similarities and Differences Between Thor and God

Thor and the Life of messiah can buoynister be looked in the same way. There atomic number 18 comparableities between the cardinal population and there argon likewise numerous differences. There is a common theme between both Thor and the Life of Christ. Prominence, humility, unworthy, and exaltation, in that order, argon themes that happen to both Thor and saviour. There are many similar transaction that connect to both of these people just are presented in contrasting way. Prominence was big in both of the people. Thor was the Norse immortal of din that every single bowed down to. This relates to the Nazarene because he is also a heights figure that Christians praise and worship.The level of prominence that these two people gain is very similar to each other. Thor lives in a place called Asgard. This is the household of the deitys and is very similar to Heaven. Heaven and Asgard may look different but they serve the same purpose. They are both places of High Di vine and a place of peace. This is a similarity between the two story lines. champion difference between the amounts of Prominence that each one had was that Thor thought as well as highly of himself. He was very arrogant in the beginning of the plastic film and level defied his own fathers orders.The difference between Thor and savior is that deliverer did not count himself equal with God. This is told in Philippians 25-11. Although saviour was in the form of God he did not count equating with God therefore, he became a mortal and was born in the color of men. Unlike Jesus, Thor was cast down to Earth as a punishment. He was punished because he disobeyed his fathers command and went to Jotunheim and started war. Because he did this, Odin give him of his powers and banished him to Earth. This is a contrast between Thor and Jesus because Unlike Thors banishment, Jesus did it out of love.These acts brought humility to each person. Thors punishment was being infatuated from h is powers and becoming a mortal. This office that he can no yearner fly or has the mighty power of his hammer. He is only pitying. This brings a type of humility because he has been degraded down from a god to a weak human. He must learn to cope with his human body. Thor no longer had the intensiveness of a god but had the strength of a human which was really weak compared to his god form. This is very similar to Jesus because he was also born through the likeness of men. This means that Jesus was no longer the all-powerful being that people worshiped.Instead he was a mortal that lived upon men. He had limitations as well and faced many temptations in his life as a human. Humility was present because of the hurt and rejection that Jesus naild and accepted from people. Many people made romp of Jesus. When Jesus did miracles he was made fun of. He was rejected by his own people and was beaten and mocked by the papistic soldiers. The most harmful disappointment that Christ rec eived was his crucifixion. This is humiliation and detriment to Jesus. Although Thor did not receive as painful humiliation that Jesus received his still received his own form of humiliation as a mortal.An example can be seen when Thor went to get his hammer. After beating up all of the guards, he eventual(prenominal)ly could not pull out his own hammer. This gives an example of humiliation because he was not able to pull out his hammer even though he had finally found it. This shows the suffering that Thor had to give noticeure because he could not take the hammer even though it was in his grasp. This is the ultimate source of humiliation because Thor could not get the one thing he desired most. The humiliation between both people leads to suffering. Jesus Christ and Thor both suffer trem oddityously throughout their journeys.It is incredible to see how a good deal they can both endure despite how much pain they go through. Jesus suffered a lot as his time of being a human. He was made fun of and was also beaten upon by the Roman soldiers. This is suffering because Jesus went through pain. Throughout Jesuss suffering, He was able to dumbfound obedient to God until his death on the violate. It says this in Philippians. Jesus did stay obedient despite all of the suffering that he had went through. It was basically torture for Jesus but he was able to stay obedient. All of Jesuss pain that he took was an example of suffering and he did it all to indite peoples sins.This suffering also relates to Thor because he also suffered during his time as a human. Thor suffered because he had to delay his friends get tossed around by the opener. The destroyer resembled death in the movie. The destroyer came for Thor when Loki ordered to kill Thor. Thor experienced suffering from the Destroyer and in the end faced death. Thor accepted death and faced it face to face and cease up last. He was willing to die in order to lay aside his friends. This relates to Jesus because he was able to die and go on the overcompensate in order to save His people and the peoples sins.Jesus did not care at all what people did to him. When Jesus was on the Cross He said, Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing. Jesus was able to find sympathy until the very end of his suffering. Thor follows the same plot line as Jesus because he also dies in order to save his friends. Although the deaths are different it gets the same point across that both people went through suffering in order to save the people they cared about. This suffering finally leads to exaltation. The exaltation of Jesus is similar to Thor as well. When Jesus was dying He said, It is finished. Thor, in the time of his death, also said, It is done. This shows that they have both conventional in what they were sent on Earth to do. Thor was able to grow as a person and was able to sacrifice his own life in order to save others. Jesus was able to be obedient until the end was able to die on the Cross just so he could save the cosmea of its sins. This leads to exaltation because Thor ends up getting the hammer and resurrects. He becomes a god again and defeats the destroyer also known as death. Jesus rises after the third day and ascended into Heaven. Jesus also conquered death.These are very similar because they both came O.K. to life after their deaths and went back to their original high positions. Jesus was with God in Heaven and Thor got his god powers back. This is exaltation because they have been praised with the sacrifices they have made and have been rewarded. Before Thor returns to Asgard he tells that he will come back for Jane. This is similar to Jesuss saying of how he will return for his people. The Tagline of these two movies is two worlds one hero. Both Thor and Jesus fit this tagline. Thor is the hero of two worlds. The two worlds are Asgard and Earth.Jesus is also the hero of two worlds. Instead of Asgard it is Heaven and Earth. He is a hero to the people of earth because he was able to save the world of their sins. This leads people to look for the hero for guidance. In Thor, Jane looks for Thor every day and accomplish its her goal to see Thor again. This is similar to followers of Jesus. The followers of Jesus want to know Jesus more and are always conclusion ways to find him and get closer to him. The tagline of Thor and Jesus Christ are very similar. Although they are told in some different ways the ultimate view of each are the same.

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