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Table Setup

TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS, TYPES OF SERVICE, AND TABLE SETTINGS Chapter 2 OBJECTIVES ? Differentiate between many types of establishments ? lay the characteristics of French table proceeds, Russian service, English service, and Ameri hind end service ? Describe the accord of service w ar for the American eat, lunch, and dinner sweep ? Explain where aliment items be described in the American cover as they ar served ? Define banquet service, family- entitle service, raps, salad bars, oyster bars, and dessert put backs 2 INTRODUCTION ? every(prenominal) restaurant has a unique identity depending on the amenities offered to guests ? or so types of service originated in the private homes of European nobility Over the age they go through been modified for restaurant use ? Today, each type retains grouchy distinguishing f sapures Some restaurants have combined features of two or more lot styles to accommodate their menu, facilities, and mode of cognitive process 3 INTRODU CTION ? The four bowl overed-down types of service are French Russian English American ? The cover refers to the arrangement of china, billsware, napkin, and scumware at each prat displace ? different popular types of service are the banquet, family-style, buffets, salad bars, oyster bars, and dessert tables. 4 TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS ? many an(prenominal) terms are used to describe types of restaurants Tearoom Family-style Upscale insouciant Theme Quick-service 5 TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS ? The fact of the matter is that restaurants are subjectively classify by the style of operation There are no extend characteristics for each type of establishment Traits of whizz style of restaurant converging with traits of another ? Creating a unique identity 6 TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS For our purposes here, we could say that types of establishments nominate slightlywhat of a continuum On one end of the continuum would be restaurants with ? ? nominal service No covers o r simple place mats ? ? ? A ready pace Fast pabulums vigilant easily A general relaxation to the entire operation 7 TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS The other end of the continuum would be the establishments with ? ? ? ? busty surroundings Table linens Silver service ware China and cryst every last(predicate)isation glassware ? ? ? ? ? Flowers Soft music An unhurried pace Skilled servers Expensive, well-prepared, and well-presented fodders and wines TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS ? Family-style restaurants, diners, and some chain restaurants would be on one end of the continuum ? Trattorias, bistros, and supper clubs in the pump ? Classic gourmet, upscale, and fine-dine restaurants on the other 9 TYPES OF ESTABLISHMENTS ? No matter which faction of amenities make up the whole, the guest has every right to attend A smile That his or her order be correctly interpreted and delivered That the check is presented promptly and for the correct amount regardless of the setting ? safe(p) servi ce is hushed the key to running any successful operation 10 french SERVICE ? Most elegant of table service ? globe type of service originated for European nobility Prolonged and dearly-won type of service Used in upscale restaurant, elegant hotel eat rooms, cruise ships, resorts, and casinos ? sustenance is either cooked or completed tableside Brought from the kitchen on rotund silver saucers Gueridon (cart) and Rechaud (stove) ? The victuals is completed by cooking, deboning, filleting, slicing, flambe, and garnishing as necessary Served to the guests on heated racing shells 1 FRENCH SERVICE ? Maitre dhotel is in charge of the dine room ? Captain is in charge of a section to the dine room Seats the guests, takes guests orders and supervises table service ? French table service employs two servers plumping together Chef du rang (principle server) ? Receives orders form the captain, serves the drinks, prepares the food tableside, and presents the check Commis du ra ng (assistant) ? Takes the orders to the kitchen, picks up the food, serves the dwellings, clears the deal egresses and stands ready to assist the chef du rang Sommelier brings wine disputation and serves wine 12 FRENCH SERVICE ? Silverware brought with each course ? attend to plate or show plate is part of the cover ashes until main course and re put for salad and dessert ? Service is from the right, clearing from the right and for bread, butter and salad to the left muddied dishes are clear only when each guests have completed their repast ? Finger lawn bowling are decent after each course ? Wine only 13 FRENCH SERVICE ? Advantages Elegant Attentive Showcases food High check ordinary ? Disadvantages Highly trained staff ? High labor costs investment funds in carts, platters, china, crystal, and silverware Fewer turns of tables Fewer tables in dining room. 14 Russian SERVICE ? analogous to French service in many prise Formal with great elegance and showmans hip ? Table setting equal as French service Plates for each course set in motility of guest ? Differences Only one server nourishment is fully prepared and attractively arranged on silver platters in the kitchen ? Heated plate placed before each guest from the right side right-handed around the table RUSSIAN SERVICE Platters of food are brought to the dining room from the kitchen Presented to the guest at the table All foods served from serving dish or platter ? Standing to the left of each guest with the platter in the left hand, the server shows each guest the food development a large spoon and fork in the right hand, dishes up the desired portion Continues counterclockwise around the table Remaining food returned to the kitchen RUSSIAN SERVICE ? As with French service Finger bowls are proper after each course Soiled dishes are cleared only when all guests have completed their meal oddly useful at elegant banquets RUSSIAN SERVICE ? Advantages Elegant windy and less expensive than French service No extra station for carts necessary ? Disadvantages Need trained staff Capital investment in silver platters Last served from same platter ENGLISH AND FAMILY SERVICE ? Formal family service or entertain service Typical of a meal served by servants in a private home ? Foods brought on platters and in serving dishes placed before the host at the head of the table Host (or one of the servants) carves the meat, if necessary, or dishes up the entree The hostess (or one of the servants) serves vegetables, salads, desserts and beverages Plates are handed to the server on the left, who serves the guest of honor and all other guests Sauces and side dishes placed on the table to be byeed by the guests ? Place settings similar to American service ENGLISH AND FAMILY SERVICE ? Advantages neat deal of showmanship Casual dining Guests control portions Less service dexterity requisite ? Disadvantages Less semiformal No presentation Time co nsuming Host and hostess contractd to do a lot of the work American SERVICE Simplest form of table service Less formal than French, Russian, or English ? Most prevalent style of service in U. S. restaurants ? Utensils set in order of use wet glass at tip of knife Wine glass to the right of the water Dishes and silver 1 from table edge ? Food dished in the kitchen get out for salad and bread and butter, most food placed on the dinner plate AMERICAN SERVICE ? Foods served from the left, beverages from the right Left with left, right with right ? Soiled dishes removed from the right Do not remove until all are done the course The American breakfast and lunch table setting differs from the American dinner setting Breakfast and lunch require only a limited amount of service ware Dinner involves courses and service ware AMERICAN SERVICE ? Advantages Simple and casual or conglomerate and elegant Portion control Less service aptitude needed ? Disadvantages Less personal Guests can not hire portion 23 LAYING COVERS FOR TABLE SERVICE ? When laying a table in readiness for service there are a variety of place settings, which have to be laid according to the type of meal and service being offered ?A cover denotes all the necessary cutlery, flatware, crockery, glassware and linen necessary to a lay a certain type of place setting for a specific meal 24 AMERICAN breakfast AND luncheon COVER ? Includes Dinner fork Dinner knife teaspoon Napkin B plate Butter knife (optional) Water glass 25 AMERICAN breakfast COVER 26 AMERICAN LUNCH COVER 27 AMERICAN DINNER COVER 28 AMERICAN (FORMAL) DINNER COVER 29 BANQUET SERVICE ? Involves serving a meal to a group of people gathered for a specific occasion ? The cover is generally set with American settings Modified to the finical menu French, Russian or buffet service may be utilized at a banquet The table will be set accordingly ? Before the guest arrives or is seated Water is poured Butter is placed o n B plates Baskets of rolls arranged on the tables refrigerant course may be pre-set 30 BANQUET SERVICE ? Food is put on the plates in the kitchen Served to the guests in the usual American style ? Or in the French, Russian or buffet style as predetermined ? The head table is served first ? Water and coffee are replenished periodically ? If guest are to remain after dinner, tables should be cleared and tidy at the completion of the meal ?No check is presented 31 BANQUET SERVICE ? Advantages Menu and serving time pre-determined Service subprogram simple Few servers ? Disadvantages Little personal service Close canton ? Makes service difficult 32 FAMILY musical mode SERVICE ? Modification of American service Informal ? Table is set before the meal begins ? avail dishes and platters are filled in the kitchen and brought to the table table service utensils brought with the food ? Serving dishes are passed around the table and people serve themselves All-you-can-eat may re quire refilling of serving containers Dishes are cleared and dessert is served in the same manner ? American cover or modification is used FAMILY STYLE SERVICE ? Advantages Fast Few servers ? Disadvantages Little personal service attractive force of serving dishes and platters during course of service 34 BUFFET SERVICE ? customaryly used when a large number of people are to be served ? A serving field of operations holds everything needed for the meal and guests go finished the line serving themselves The guest either helps themselves or by chefs potty the buffet line (carving station) ?Someone is needed to restock the serving area as necessary ? Silverware and napkins may be located on the buffet table or a complete cover (American) may be pre-set on the table ? Servers usually serve only beverages and desserts Duties may intromit appetizer or soup course BUFFET SERVICE ? Advantages lovely food display Speed Economics Less service skill needed ? Disadvantages Rep lenishment needed Unattractive food display Food safety Capital investment 36 SALAD BARS, OYSTER BARS, AND afters TABLES ? Salad deflect Self-service concept Guests prepare their own salads from an attractive array of vegetables, fruits, and accoutrements ? garner Bar Buffet featuring oysters on the half shell and various accoutrements whitethorn include other seafood items ? Dessert Table Display of tortes, pies, cakes, cream puffs, eclairs, white fruit, and soft cheeses ? ? Dessert plates and service ware are at hand on the table Dessert trays or carts 37 SALAD BARS, OYSTER BARS, AND DESSERT TABLES ? Advantages Attractive food display Less service skill needed Disadvantages Replenishment needed Unattractive food display Timing 38 CAFETERIA SERVICE ? This service exists normally in industrial canteens, colleges, hospitals or hotel cafeterias ? To speed quick service, the menu is fixed and is displayed on large boards Sometimes food is displayed behind the counter and the guests may indicate their choice to the counter stamp ? Guests select foods ? The food is served pre-plated and the cutlery is handed directly to the guest ? fight system limits lines 39 COUNTER SERVICE Tall stools are placed along a counter so that the guest may eat the food at the counter itself The covers are generally laid out on the counter ? Food is either displayed behind the counter for the guests to choose from, or is listed on a menu card or common black board 40 GRILL ROOM SERVICE ? In this form of service various meats are grilled in bm of the guest ? The meats may be displayed behind a glass district or well decorated counter so that the guest can select his exact cut of meat ? The food comes pre-plated 41 BREAKFAST SERVICES There are basically two types of breakfast offered in hotels and restaurants The Continental Breakfast and the English Breakfast ? The Continental Breakfast originated in Europe It is a light meal as the Europeans normally have a heav y mid-day meal ? The English breakfast is heavy and is a major meal of the day A traditional English breakfast runs into six or seven courses 42 BUTLER SERVICE ? Similar to Russian service Guests serve themselves Offered from left side for food ? ? levorotatory Serving fork and spoon used by guest. BUTLERED SERVICE ? Waiters pass hors doeuvres or beverages from trays Similarly to how a butler would clasp on guests in a private home. ? Elegant option, especially as guests wont have to wait in line to get a drink, and it will remind them of the options visible(prenominal) to them ? Requires slightly more staff than stationary hors doeuvres and a bartender 44 COMPROMISE SERVICE ? This is a combination of the very formal Russian and the English ? Part of the food (usually the salad and dessert) is served from the kitchen and part is served at the table with the host or hostess dishing up the main course There is still the presence of service staff

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