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Glass Castle Essay Essay

The novel The Glass Castle, by Jeannette W eithers, addresses many affable issues that we deal with every day. The most important social issues disputed on a daily basis argon the winning of parents we want to be and what we want to tutor our children for their future. In this account we are able to see how Rex and Rosemary Walls choose to educate their children to see the advance side of their daily troubles. The Walls t from each one their children that no matter what nature throws at them, that they lavatory handle it. Rex and Rosemary Walls may not stand by to been the vanquish parents, or nevertheless peachy parents for that matter, however they were able to shepherds crook their children into knowing and better off adults.They were able to accomplish this by finding notional ways to teach them important liveliness lessons. Like to learn how to demonstrate your timiditys and what doesnt kill you will make you stronger. Although many people would not necessarily agree with the manner these parents educated their children, we grass certainly acquire the fact that most of the children gained exceptional values that otherwise may postulate not been wise to(p).The positive effectuates of the Walls parents parenting skills were mainly that their children learned important values, that they learned what it means to stand by each other, and that they gained the importance of having something to inspire them to a capacious future. The Walls children learned important values like humility, loyalty, forgiveness and appreciation. These early children had to endure many hardships to learn the true meaning of organism a family. They had to endure the poverty they lived in and the stubbornness of their mother who always cute something better.They had to struggle between nature versus nurture and the struggle within themselves. The uncreated characters Jeannette Walls, Lori Walls, Brian Walls, Maureen Walls, Rosemary Walls, and Rex S. Walls toge ther are able to define what a family is. Jeannette Walls is a bright young girl who has faith in her father to play along his promises. She learned to have hope for a brighter future. Early in the memoir Jeannettes father teaches her an important life lesson. The lesson to always face your fears no matter what they are. In his words simply you cant stick around to the side your whole life, that one lesson every parent needs to teach a child is If you dont want to sink, you better move into out how to swim (66) This example is of when Jeannette is beginning to learn how to swim.Her father pushes her to obligate trying until she finally is able to swim without drowning herself. Another operative life lesson Jeanettes mother demonstrates is at the beginning when Jeannette burns herself and learns to not fear fire, but face it and eventually becomes fascinate by it. As she states in the following sentence Good for you, Mom said when she saw me cooking. Youve got to get right ba ck in the saddle. You cant live in fear of something as basic as fire. I didnt. Instead, I became fascinated with it. Dad also thought I should face down my enemy, and he established me how to pass my finger through a candle flame (15).Lori Walls, Brian Walls, and Maureen Walls are Jeannettes siblings with whom she is very close with and together make their dream of escaping their impaired lifestyle a reality. Together they learn how to be loyal to each other. They always stand by each other and sometimes even acting more like parents than their own parents do. The children stand together so they could stand up to those who tried to injury them. The Walls siblings show loyalty to one another because they are always together and embolden each other no matter what.While the parents unconventional mode of parenting eventually works out, many events suggest that even though the children gained all these virtues, the parents manner in achieving them wasnt totally countenance for th em. An example of this is when Jeannettes father takes her to a bar and doesnt perplexity if an older man abuses her sexually.He secure assumes that Jeannette is tough girl who knows what she is doing and can take care of herself just fine even though she is only(prenominal) twelve at the time. Aw, come on, he said and shouted at Dad, Im going to take your girl upstairs. Sure adept dont do anything I wouldnt do. He pointed his pocket billiards cue at me. Holler if you need me, he said and winked at me as if to say he knew I could take care of myself, that this was just a part of my job. (212) However, her father never meant for his daughter to get hurt so this is why he said to call him if she need it, but he wanted her to learn how to tolerate herself. In the end she did defend herself and faced her fear like her father had taught her.Another part where we can see Jeannettes father in lack of responsibility is when he is so careless during one Christmas and ends up destroying Christmas for his children. This Christmas incident is a significant example of how alcohol can change a parent and the effect it can have on them because it shows the change from how Jeannettes father goes from being a loving, caring, and responsible parent to an alcoholic father. It shows how Jeannette begins to see how her father rattling is.Like the Christmas incident and how he came home from bars and would get into fights with his wife. This do Jeannette start to not believe in her father as more than as she did before. However, this experience served to teach Jeannette and her siblings that it wasnt good to let yourself filiation in any bad habits like alcoholism and betting. Another medical prognosis where the mother Rosemary isnt portrayed as a good parents is when she doesnt do anything to protect Jeannette from her uncle Stanley and instead makes a silly point out that he is so lonely. Mom, Uncle Stanley is behaving inappropriately, I said. Oh, youre probably imag ining it. She said. He groped me And hes wanking off Mom cocked her head and looked concerned. Poor Stanley, she said. Hes so lonely (184) Nevertheless Jeannettes mother actually taught her a harsh lesson about life through this she showed her that many of these situations happened to young girls and zilch is done to prevent it from happening again instead people turn to look the other way.Overall the Walls parents Rex and Rosemary may not have been the best parents, but they did the absolute best to help their children become great human beings and not have any trouble in confronting their problems. Yes, they probably didnt resort to having taught them in the best circumstances, yet they did the best they could collectable to their economic struggle. On the other hand the Walls children had a better casualty to put those lesson and skills they learned to the use.

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