Sunday, November 3, 2019

Issue 15 yes 2510 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Issue 15 yes 2510 - Essay Example assessment covered studies that had information on Africa, calculated cost and effectiveness, transmission rates and methods, drugs prices and their availability. The data from the studies were a spun of thirteen years. In most of the studies, the investigators depended on cost from the provider perspective only. Therefore, in order to ensure a wide comparability among the interventions, the report gives a standardized cost and effectiveness data (Haacker 25). However, the report has several limitations. The information was limited since not all the studies focused on the same things. The cost data was not enough to under go a standardized analysis. In addition, the study may underestimate the effects of some of the interventions. Therefore, the interpretation needs caution (Haacker 26). Despite the challenges in coming up with data, the information can still be accurately used to advice on the intervention in Africa. This is because it shows that despite the little information provided, it gives the direction needed to fight the spread of HIV/AIDS in Africa. The studies show that preventive methods are to be in place first, and then followed by the treatment cost on those already affected. Thus, the interventions potential maximizes and results to a general cost-effective mechanism (Haacker

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