Saturday, October 12, 2019

The Belbin Exercise :: Business and Management Studies

The Belbin Exercise Introduction During term 1 of our module I took part in 2 exercises and a Belbin test. During the 2 exercises and test I learned many skills and new ideas that will aid me in the future. Report The first element of group work that we did was the Belbin exercise. This was to ascertain you’re most effective ‘group role’. From the results we were arranged into groups which contained a mixture of roles. My role was company worker. I neither agreed nor disagreed with the result as part of me could see the logic behind the result and part of me saw myself with a position of higher authority. I don’t think the way the groups were formed made any difference in the first exercise. Maybe under different circumstances our different roles could have become more apparent. From taking part in the two exercises I have learned that planning is vital to any type of work, especially group work. I think the reason behind this is because without planning nothing is done efficiently. I have also learned that communication is very important; our second exercise was totally dependant on verbal communication. Although we had a slow start we eventually started to communicate effectively and solved the problem very fast. In the first exercise we were in smaller groups, my group contained seven people, including myself. During this exercise all group members contributed evenly. In the second exercise we worked in a much larger group, I noticed that some people didn’t contribute at all and the bulk of the discussion was coming from the same people. Although this happened the exercise was done swiftly and effectively. Good communication skills were demonstrated during the second exercise. Group members put their point across in an orderly way and the other group members listened well and contributed. During this exercise we didn’t necessarily have a strategy but we did operate a good effective system. We had one person that people fed information to, and that person then made notes of the information onto the whiteboard. Once all the information was gathered we were then able to come to a conclusion. My group also showed good communication skills in the first exercise. We had to come up with a group opinion of which person deserved the use of the available kidney machine. The way we came to our decision was to firstly decide a priority order individually, then by using a

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