Thursday, September 12, 2019

Complaints against the Police Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Complaints against the Police - Essay Example With regard to the budding growth of the concern, the essay also tends to provide a proposal for change policy that leads to increasing policing crimes. In this context, the proposal for a change in policing policy includes a set of effective recommendations that can enable policymakers to reduce different potential issues. Acts of corruption, brutality, and bribery by the people with legislative power have long been witnessed to radically weaken the public faith on the governments. However, the loss of public faith is often regarded to be acute when the legislative acts involved with the police. This is owing to the fact that public, irrespective of their locations relies upon the law enforcement officers in order to uphold legal commandments and ensure adequate protection of the communities and provide assistance when needed. With due regards to various law enforcement reports and analysis, police officers are often considered as the most visible governmental arm for the communities or the citizens. They are often considered to be a yardstick through, which they measure their appropriate authority. The illegal acts performed by the police officers often lead them, to be dishonored not only by himself, but the practices also disgrace the entire legal environment along with the judicial system that he/ she represents (Williams, 2002). Unfortunately, to the growing concern of police officer complaints, there is a number of crucial factors that lead or enable them to commit unethical or illegal practices. In this regard, the organizational culture is often regarded as one of the major aspects that encourage police officers to commit different types of corruption-related acts. Those acts often recognize to be practiced in the form of monetary bribes, misuse of their authorities, or concealing numerous criminal activities.

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