Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Japanese history part 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Japanese history part 1 - Essay Example The land was still parceled out by the Shogun in order for them to be given a chance to rule in their own domains. Since rice was the crop that was grown by the farmers, it was perceived as a national crop which had to be controlled by the Daimyos. Later the crop was distributed by the Shogun; the rice that was harvested in that particular year meant that 20% of it was to be kept by Shogun (Duus 30). Another 20% of the rice was distributed to the Daimyos and the rest half belonged to the farmers. This policy made the farmers to experience hardships since the Shogun could not consider whether it was poor crop year or otherwise. Through the policy known as Sankin Kotai system, all the Daimyos were loyal to Shogun and still had to move to Edo which today known as Tokyo. Due to the movement and travelling long distance managers financial burden was experienced and this was a must since their wives and sons were held hostages in Edo. The policy was under Shogunate and required or demanded Daimyo at Tokugawa at Endo to leave his family in Edo. This meant that the Daimyo were not supposed to be with their family implying they held as hostages (McKelway 45). The wives of Daimyo and their sons were held hostages during the entire period when the Daimyo was away which imposed a lot of burdens and hardships to Daimyo since maintain two families was expensive and the travelling to and from Endo made life difficult to the Daimyo. These expanses were about 25% thus making life unbearable and too expensive. The Samurai warriors dominated the Japanese feudal system though their total population was 10% including their Daimyo. Samurai were respected by the entire lower class member where they were to bow as a sign of respect. If a farmer or artisan would not bow then the Samurai was legally allowed to chop the head of the individual. Samurai was only to talk to the

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