Saturday, August 10, 2019

Art review Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Art review - Term Paper Example id and severe reality for the purpose of fixing into perception of a viewer another real dimension that rather encapsulates hopeful emotion within the realm of humble magic. It is as if to get someone into a scene, typical enough to avoid confusion at attempting to figure its meaning yet as one learns in the process how geometries were simplified in distinct strokes and clever mix of colors by Bluemner, it eventually bears a culminating approach to realize how overwhelming it could get once the essence of each detail is assessed. The artists works in general provide a feel of the museum which enables a basic critic to yield at an aspect where simplicity drives out sophistication though it is in itself sophisticated. In unique terms, the overall idea of Oscar Bluemner possesses a side of complexity that is potentially generous with effortless understanding of a nearly surreal possibility. The Form and Light, Motif in West New Jersey (Beattiestown) is especially captivating to the extent I could automatically relate to the 18th century genre which draws me to engage to what was taking place at the time Bluemner necessitated a moment of thought as from a personal experience, imagination or mode of preference in expressing both his style and passion. As an oil on canvas original released in 1914, the painting depicts a view of life into life, of wonders to unfold out of the mundane attitude toward an ordinary setting or picture in which reality puts in a huge amount of routine. Being the work I chose with great significance compared to the rest of his collection, I believe that it teaches me to moderate on perspective between elegance and its far extreme rustic opposite just like a plausible analogy to the proper way of treating bad from good, in recognition of equivalent worth for both. I am well astonished by Bluemners means of smoothing borders of shapes that altogether produce a dreamy yet adventuresome interpretation of the theme. To a scrutinizing audience,

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