Saturday, July 20, 2019

The Debate Over Campaign Finance Regulations Essay -- U.S. Politics, M

Money is both the nectar and poison of the human race. This fact has never been more applicable than to modern politics. Nearly all assets to a candidate for political office, such a media advertisements, travel expenses and campaign supplies rely on fiscal support. In an age when electronic media rules supreme, money has never been more important. Today, it has become necessary for political campaigns to pour massive amounts of funding into television, Internet, radio and print ads in order to run a competitive campaign. These ads are the most prominent form of communication between a candidate and the sovereigns, and therefore, a candidate’s ability to use ads can not be inhibited. This correlation between money and politics has many unintended consequences, such as expanding the gap between fiscal classes, creating â€Å"professional† politicians, and jeopardizing the equality of the electorate. Equality is the right to be judged by only your peers, to be given a fai r chance to experience life, liberty and to pursue happiness. Equality is giving the homeless as equal a voice as the wealthy. America was built on the firmly held belief that all citizens are equal, however, it is inevitable in any capitalistic society that class divisions will form. But the power of each class is controllable with legislation concerning campaign finance. The debate over how political campaigns should be financed culminated with the recent Supreme Court ruling on Citizens United v. Federal Election Committee, however many concerns still remain. On April 6th, 1972 a handful of CREEP staffers worked late alongside with the staff of the General George Olmstead bank in Washington DC (Smith 3). The staffers were tasked with depositing several millions of... Roman Empire, The. Roman Society. Smith, Rodney A. Money, Power & Elections: How Campaign Finance Reform Subverts American Democracy. Baton Rouge: Louisiana State University Press, 2006. Smitha, Frank. Why did the Roman Empire Fall?. Smith, Ronald. The Fall of the Roman Republic. Vital, Nick. The Roman Constitution. Walberg, Robert. How to buy into the oil boom. Washington Post. BP agrees to $20 billion fund for gulf oil spill claims.

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