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Boardman Management RFP Assesment Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Boardman Management RFP Assesment - Article ExampleAt the primary stage of analysis, Boardman Management leave need to investigate the possibility of using lower-priced materials. If this is not possible, the organizational structure will be redesigned to take advantage of lower-priced materials. Such an approach will enable the company to remain competitive and, in some cases, beat the prices of its competitors. Additionally, the assessment will be made regarding the possibility of storing the equal info for in-process items on-line within the computerized information system so that cost data would always be up to date. With the implementation of such an approach, the problem of out-of-date standard cost figures should never recur (Burkun, 2006).The analysis of the budget will be an important step for Boardman Management to evaluate and calculate investment decisions. Budgets are both planning and control mechanisms that, although essential to control (particularly cost control) , serve as a balance between planning and control. They refer to future periods of time, and translate company plans into financial resources. They furnish a guide for future expenditures, and by circumstances to guide actual performance toward budgeted performance, assist in the achievement of objectives. Budgets establish expected relationships among a number of factors in need of control, such as expenses for advertising, ware planning, personal selling, and product development. They may be thought of as short-run aspects of planning (Burkun, 2006).The next step is to analyze the proposed structure of changes and their impact on the organization. The military rank will uncover an important problem that is not included initially in the investigation. The assistant analysis will take several directions. The company will analyze be required for implementation and change management, and time schedule. The cost control difficulties caused by restructuring are not hard for the expe rienced outside auditors to detect. However, exploitation appropriate recommendations in the form of cost control procedures take a little more time. Such analysis requires the development of different cost information, with cost classifications normally supplied by accounting statements. But generating relevant cost information from accounting statements, though conceptually simple, is actually quite complicated. First, the problem of discerning the costs of different activities is not easy (Burkun, 2006). Second, the allocation of costs among functions and other control units involves subjective judgments. Accountants classify expenditures on a natural basis. Hence, costs may be assigned to advertising, personal selling, transportation, warehousing, and sales promotion. The real purpose of these expenditures, however, is to achieve other objectives, such as sales, market position, image, and reputation.The next step of responses evaluation is to analyze pros and cons of the propo sed software product and its benefits for the company. The effectiveness of management and its module in fulfilling their assigned tasks is evaluated. Within the next subsection, the ability of R&D management to exert the necessary leadership to arrive at stated objectives and oversee R&D projects effectively is examined. In a somewhat similar manner, the upward and downward flows of information between different departments and its staff

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