Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Uploadng Your Brain Essay -- essays research papers

UPLOADING YOUR BRAIN"Im sorry, Jim, but I just dont think its right for a mans atoms to be scattered all over creation and consequently brought back together again. Its just not right." (Character, Dr. Leonard McCoy, original Star Trek series) I wonder what Bones would have to say about swallowing, or existence injected with billions of microscopic robots, or nanobots, to enter into a three dimensional cyberspace - a virtual reality environment or to enable him to lie with incessantly? In an article that could be taken from a Star Trek Voyager script, I think Dr. Kurzweil is proposing the coming of the perpetual human as a resolution of nanobot technology. I guess its not that strange a c onception for science and sci-fi to be bedfellows. Its actually quite exciting to see some of the fantastic ideas once seen only in the entertainment media come to fruition. I just wish theyd work on the teleporting theory so that commuting would become a matter of the past. It would sure help the ozone layer. In due time, I suppose, but I dont know if Im ready for an energizer bunny type of human being.Neural implants atomic number 18 now being used to counteract tremors from Parkinsons disease as well as multiple sclerosis. Cochlear implants are helping the deaf to percolate and a retinal implant is now underway in the hopes that the blind may one day see again, or for the first time. Along those lines, Dr. Kurzweil, believes that nanobot base implants will enhance the human brain and in effect I believe, create a race of super intelligent humans.At present, the nanobots cannot be make small enough. But he states that in 30 years we will be able to miniaturize (shades the movies Fantastic Voyage and Inner Space) them and send billions of the fund cell sized scanning machines through every capillary of the brain to create a complete noninvasive scan of our every neural feature. perhaps noninvasive on a physical level, but what about our emotional and spiri tual levels?Right now we find our rights being stepped on much and more as the federal government takes control of areas in which we should be governing ourselves. When governments, extremist groups and terrorists get hold of this of kind of technology the results will be devastating. heading boggling, if you will. Instead of bugging your phone or house you could be slipped a "nanobot mickey" and the "spy nanobots"... ...l your thoughts and actions. Talk about the ultimate violation. They could be put in the feed or water supply of an entire population. Forget cryogenics or cloning. If you combine cybernetic and nanobot technologies you could upload your knowledge and experiences into a computer and then be put into a cybernetic body (the Bionic Man/Woman meet Bicentennial Man) you could, quite conceivably, live forever. But, would you want to? I might if I could outrun a car and eat all the cheeseburgers and chocolate cake I wanted without gaining an ounce Serio usly, though, I doubt that I would. I in person do not feel comfortable with the human race having access to this kind of knowledge. Were not exactly the most stable of species. I want to live my natural life in my biological body as I was meant to. Not some man made super body.Dr. Kurzweil regards the freeing of the human mind from its distasteful physical limitations as a necessary next step in evolution. He sees it as moving us inexorably closer to becoming same God. Maybe God had a very good reason for our physical limitations. No, Id rather take the natural, age-old approach to God myself - dying as we were meant to do.

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