Friday, April 19, 2019

Databases Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Databases - Assignment ExampleThe pitcher statistics ar strikeouts, walks, saves, innings, pitched, earned runs, wins and losses.An entity is in the first normal form if it concurs no repeating sets of data. Similarly the above attributes contain several repeating attributes. Walks for example are found within the pitcher and the hitter. This wastes a lot of office in the data base. To normalize the ERD into INF we eliminate the redundant data.In 2NF we further normalize the diagram and intromit foreign keys. These foreign keys are items that are used as primary key in separate attributes. The away squadID for example was used in 1NF as the primary key for the Awayteam. It is therefore introduced into the game attribute as a foreign keyWhen we develop the 3NF we ensure that there is no redundancy. The relationship between fake and batting is nonpareil to many. This means that a player can play for only one team at a time. The relationship between a team and a player is many to one meaning that many players can batt.Marston, T. (2004, September 30). The Relational Data Model, Normalisation and effective Database Design. Retrieved February 27, 2015, from Tony Marston

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