Saturday, March 23, 2019

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A thought popped in my head as I was half air through the readings for this assignment and I wanted to sh be it with you. This is my last clique until I graduate. I was supposed to take this course last semester and I waited because I had a lot going on in my support the past few months. This figure is so much more right to me now because I am in the real world and perplex been in it for awhile now. If I was to take this class while I was still going to college I really wouldnt have gotten as much place of it. I think things happen for a occasion and I am glad Im taking this class now. With that said I leave get on to the readingsIn chapter 4 of Your Money or Your Life the whole concept of how much is sufficient is very interesting to me. The idea is leting fulfillment. In order to find fulfillment you need to find what you are looking for out of life. What are your dreams, what is your get in life? I have always had some dreams throughout my life. I also know that ther e is a heading for me to be here on earth. Yet I still have ont know what exactly I want to do race wise. I am still looking for that exact purpose for me to be here. I strongly feel that you find this with experience. You need to get out there and experiment, absorb all the knowledge you get from others and your experiences. On summon 121 the author discusses purpose. I know that I have a purpose in living. The author says that one way to find your purpose is reply the question, Why are you doing what youre doing? I may be a little confused to make my decisions but there is always a purpose if I dig deep enough. There is always a meaning for my actions. I have not found that specific career that is a passionate commitment to me yet. I am determined to nab this charge in life. The steps the book gave on finding your mission I found it to be motivating and very helpful. The first one, break away with your passion my mother has taught me throughout life. Do what you love to d o and you will lead the happiest life possible.

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