Thursday, March 14, 2019

Fairies :: essays research papers

FAIRIES ARE EVERYWHEREFairies argon magical creatures, usually genuinely much ilk humanbeings. But they can do umteen another(prenominal) things that humans cannot do. mostfairies can make themselves invisible. Many can rifle in an instantanywhere they want to go, even very gigantic distances. some(prenominal) can changetheir shapes they might look give c be cats, or birds, or dogs, or any otheranimal. Some of them brood for many hundreds of years others (Likewith Tinker Bell From Peter Pan) live forever. Many fairies equivalent to playtricks on human beings others like to help them. Fairies come in allsizes and shapes as well. They might be ugly, humpbacked littlecreatures, like the trolls or gnomes that the people tell about inDenmark, Sweden, and Germany. Both trolls and gnomes are supposedto guard treasures. Trolls live in dark caves, and gnomes make theirhomes underground. Some fairies are handsome, for example, the pixiesof Wales, or the goldenhaired white elves of the Scandinavian countries.Some fairies are giants, others are less than two feet tall. Some havespecial shapes. Example are mer maidservants and mermen, human above thewaist but with the lower part of their bodies like fish. They live in anunderwater world of splendor. Beautiful mermaids often coax sailors totheir destruction, or cause shipwrecks. The Scandinavians believed in ariver spirit that looked like a man above the water and like a horsebelow.Most fairies live in fairyland, where some strange things areALWAYS happening. They live together ruled by a king and queen,whose names are Oberon and Titania. Some people think that the rulerof Fairyland is Queen Mab. non all fairies live in fairyland, however. Some live alone as theguardians of certain places. The Lorelei of Germany is a beautifulwoman with long golden hair. She waistband on a special rock on the right lodge of the Rhine River. Many kinds of fairies like to play tricks on human beings.Sometimes they force knots i n the manes of horses at night, and ride themtill the horses are stock(a) out. A horseshoe nailed to the stable door willkeep these fairies away. If the maid is lazy and does not clean the housecarefully, the fairies will pinch her temporary hookup she sleeps. The pixies of Walesare especially troublesome to human beings. Some pixies lead travelersthe defame way. Others call to a lost person in the voice of his friend.When he follows the voices, he finds nobody there. The pixies like to hidthings in houses, and to blow out candles so that the people of the

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