Friday, February 1, 2019

The Video Game Narrative Essay -- essays research papers

                     The Video Game memoir     The first argument that arose out of the tv set granulose humankind was the tip oer of video feisty violence. Still unresolved, this debate has actually allowed for the video mettlesome industry to come fully into the main stream. As the din over violence quieted the fans of the hazard society began to focus on issues more alike to their own style. So then began the debate of mealy play vs. the video game narrative. The question arose can a game also be a report? While the semantics would suggest that, no, a game cannot be a story, we do realize that a game can go for a story. However, considering the amount of games that contain a story we can possibility that this question doesnt further our study, and realizing that the amount of games (mostly of the 1980s) that had no story and but gameplay we can see that the story is no t a required expression for a game to be successful.     So the question is in ingest of updating. Is the story contained in todays games the traditional linear story beingness contained in a non-linear gameplay arena, or do video game stories possess some special qualities that allow a game to be different from a book or movie. To understand the video game we need to look at one of the video game worlds ultimate predecessors Dungeons and Dragons. Back in the time when teenage guys svelte up as the character that they had spent calendar month after month making stronger, thither existed no video games to fool with. No, this was how the nerds of the day hung out. And much(prenominal) like today, where we hold up Halo bashes of anywhere from 4 to 16 (16 being the average), the competition between warlock and dungeon master was only the beginning                                                     Oakley 2of the excitement. The story that played out in D&D was different every time, depending on how the game was played. And like its successor, the RPGs of today (most notably the Final Fantasy series) play the same path as the games of old. So ... ...                Oakley 4a necessity? And what other qualities cook taken the main stage of video games today?     The video game world is an ever-changing realm, originally it was a staple way to die out the time, then it became what we looked forward to after a hard days work. So as the gaming world becomes more complex, new game types emerge to fill our free time. But very rarely does a game like Pac-Man or Pong come out a game that has no real story in it, its bonnie a way to score points. However it is my be lief that even when there is no literal story to a multiplayer game we still micturate a background to the contend we compete. If one were to take the story of the accomplish Chief and the Covenant out of the game Halo (2001), we would still have a superb multiplayer game. On the outside it would seem that the only reason to play is to kill the other Spartans, there is no deeper story fucking it. However, for the players at least, it becomes a contest, and as you play more and more you withdraw the other games you want revenge, you want to be better, or you want to do something funny.

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