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Schoolhouse or main office School?What do George Washington and the Hanson br otherwises take away in putting green? Do you give up? Well, the answer is that both of them were give lessonsd in their pedestals. Queen Elizabeth, Thomas Edison, and Theodore Roosevelt were also educated at home. According to the Home Education Research Institute, 1.5 million scholarly persons are staying home for class today. This soma is five times more than ten years ago (Kantrow and Wingert 66). This ap erect motion leads to some(prenominal) questions. Does home naturalise education work? Do students arrest a proper education? How does a home schooling students education compare to that of reality school student? Does home schooling isolate a child socially? These questions are concerns of parents, educators, and politicians alike. The emerging of America rests on the academic and social education of our youth, and home school education should be considered as an effective alternative to public school education.In the past, parents mainly chose to educate their children at home because of religious preference. These parents viewed the public school system as a source of negative curve on children. Violence, sex, drugs, and peer pressure were influences these parents sought to avoid. However, today parents have other reasons for home school education, which primarily all point to a dull public school system. Other reasons include a desire to construct a strong family closeness, safety, and a handful of parents chose home school for their children because of fussy needs such as disabilities or special talents. However, no librate how good the reasons, the home school education system must leaven to be an acceptable alternative to public schools.There are many advantages to giving a student a home school education. First, parents merchant ship make direct decisions concerning what their children are taught. According to the Home School Statistics and Reports in 1997, written by founder and President Dr. Brian D. Ray, seventy-one percent of the parents who educate their children hand pick the curriculum from a variety of books, videos, and educational manuals. other twenty-three percent order entire cirriculum packages (Ray 14). With the technology of today, parents have an untrammelled source for information via the Internet, which can be easily integrated in home school education.The study also shows the education level of the parent supervising and administering the curriculum has little or no effect on the quality of education received by a student. Home-educated students whose parents did not have college degrees scored equally high on tests compared to students whose parents had college degrees(Ray 56).

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