Saturday, January 12, 2019

Cooking Green Beans with Salt Essay

basis An try out was conducted where two sets of green beans where cooked. ace set had common salt and the other wiz(a) didnt. star person who did non bash which set of green beans had salt and which one didnt got to relishing and judge twain of the sets on taste, texture and coloration. Chef Heston Blumenthal once asked why do cooks add salt (sodium chloride) when preparation vegetables, for example green beans? Other chefs answered with these assertable answers * * It keeps the beans green * * It raises the boiling indicate of body of water system so the beans cook faster * * It prevents the beans difference soggy.* * It improves the flavor. However, a scientist also replied formula these statements were untrue because * * Only the acidity and calcium content of the water affect the color of the beans * * Adding salt increases the boiling point of water but by such a small amount that it will bring in no difference to preparation measure * * Vegetables will go soggy if cooked for alike long whether salt is added or not * * Little salt is actually engrossed onto the surface of a bean during cooking typically 1/10 000 g of salt per bean which is too small-minded to be tasted by most people.The level to this experiment was to prove or overthrow these points. MaterialsListed below are the materials used for this experiment * One bag of green beans containing on the nose about 250g * Two locomotes * Two roll * One stopwatch * One strainer * A case board * A knife * A thermometer * SaltProcedureFirst, the bag of green beans were washed and emerge up. Then, they were evenly divided into two bowls bowl A and bowl B. bowl A had no salt in it and was therefore put into a pan and observed. The time it took to reach its boiling point and the temperature at boiling point were then noted. After that, the beans were places into a strainer and dried. This was also do with bowl B, except salt was added. DataAfter conducting the exp eriment, this is the entropy that was obtained With salt Without salt Taste polished Dull, boring Texture Soft Crunchy harden - -.As you can see, the just thing that didnt change about the beans with salt was the flavor, which stayed the same for both experiments. Conclusion Clearly, later on this experiment, we proved the chefs right. Both the texture and taste where better with the salty beans. Some of the limitations where that we only tried this experiment once, therefore it is not 100% correct. We could have also had more than people testing it, instead of just one person because there are some factors that could influence the opinion.

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