Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'Everyday Use: A Question of Quilts Essay\r'

'In E very(prenominal)day Use, Alice walker presents the reader with two sisters who atomic number 18 as unalike as two sisters could ever be. They have very little in common, and in fact they mean, walk, stand, and talk, so differently that strangers would not take them for sisters. They differ in a more(prenominal) significant way in terms of the themes of the story, too. Dee and Maggie have very different ideas or so their heritage and their acculturation, and the small-arm that cultivation plays in their lives. completely one sister can be advanced when it comes to culture and the question of who should get Mama’s quilts, and in this case, Maggie is more deserving, beca routine she has a much more complete fellow feeling of her culture and heritage than Dee does.\r\n take down though they have grown up in the same fellowship, Maggie and Dee have very different determine in terms of the way they shoot the breeze their culture. To Dee, culture is something th at she has only recently discovered has been taken from her. Maggie, however, does not feel that her culture has been lost. She lives in her family home, with family objects around her, and culture is something she lives each and every day.\r\nDee rejected her family and left home as soon as she was able, and never cognize that she was leaving culture behind her. Even the quilts ar proof of thisâ€Dee does not even know who make them, whereas Maggie does know, and she was even taught to quilt by the women who made the quilts they are fighting over. Maggie, therefore, has a much better determineing of the fact that culture and family are inseparable.\r\nA warrant important aspect of this issue is family. Maggie and Dee see their family very differently. For Maggie, family is something to remember and be proud of, and she loves and honors her m early(a) and other family members. Dee visits her family only because they have something she wants, and even as an heavy(p) she still believes that she is better than her family.\r\nShe seems to have always considered herself superior, toilsome to improve their minds with knowledge that they â€Å"didn’t necessarily compulsion to know”, and then later she says that â€Å"no count where they ‘choose’ to live” she give try to see them. This implies that Dee would prefer them to live elsewhereâ€perhaps in a better area or in a place that is more convenient for her to visit. Dee seems to be ashamed of her family, but Maggie has never left them, and she has knowing every(prenominal) about her heritage from her family members.\r\nThe third is the use each sister will put the quilts to. Dee wants them to flux on a wall and look at. She seems to think they will â€Å"prove” that she has regained her cultural heritage. She does not understand that she could have had it all along if she had wanted to. Maggie will actually use the quilts for the purpose they were intended, and she knows that the quilts represent a link to her family as well as to her culture.\r\nMaggie and Dee fight over the quilts because they represent different things to each of them. For some reasons, Maggie deserves to have them more than Dee does. Maggie is the sister who understands and accepts that family, culture, and the quilts are all linked together and are all part of the heritage that Dee rejected.\r\n'

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