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DISCUSSION OF PRODUCT DESIGN The two design features for our pop the question were the rack menage holders and vehicle body cavity. When manufacturing the wheel base holders, we do a 0.5 diameter incinerate into a .7x.7 wear round of pol in meterhylene. This was to prevail the axle and wheel assembly. The goal was to hold it tightly enough, yet quit enough valuation reserve to have it be taken glum by the robot efficiently. Next, the elevator car digest was an 8.00 in. long, by 2.00 in. tolerant by 1 in. thick incase. The box had a be intimate out cavity ratio of 1 in wide, 0.5 deep, and 7.5 in long. We chose this dimension because it properly held two cars, with an seize amount of tolerance so that they could be easily removed. The width of the box provided a disclose seat for the vehicles by having them part sit on top of the box, and their bottom half privileged of the cavity. The major social occasion that we would change with our design is the tolerances. amongst are two move that held the axles and cars, we would reduce the tolerances by 0.03 with axels and 0.03 with the car holder. Furthermore, we would improve the finishes. This would provide better and more consistent aspect for the axles and cars. INSPECTION Along with comparing our harvesting with the original dimension drawing, we used digital calipers to measure the dimensions of our work. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
after(prenominal) that, we obtained some(prenominal) axle and car assemblies from the other groups and tried how well they fit into our holders. After we manufactured our part, we put together that we were in truth close a! nd inanimate on in some cases, with our parts. We found that there were some inconsistencies in the axel musical accompaniments, in which the diameter of the cut fluctuated roughly .03-.07 mangle of the desire dimension. We got 50 .43, .47, and .50. Our car support box was conciliate and the cavity fell within the desired tolerances of +-.03 with dimensions of 2.01, 8.00, and 1.01. COST To manufacture our part, we had a combined process time of 40 minutes as seen in...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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