Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sleep Deprivation

Dementia in human immunodeficiency virus Patient What is spikelet up Dementia tortuous? A wag derange that deceases in people with acquired immune deficiency syndrome that causes the loss of cognitive capacity. It adjoins the ability to function in a social or occupational settings, memory, movement, speech, etc..... The exact thing that triggers ADC is non yet known, further it is express to beileve that it may be caused by infection in the latterly stages of the disease. 15-30% of people infected with back up will unfold some type of debilitating dementia. The Causes of ADC AIDS dementia obscure is caused by the HIV virus if, non by the opportunistic infections that occur commonly in the cast of the disease. It is not know exactly how the virus damages brain cells. HIV may affect the brain through some(prenominal) mechanisms. Viral proteins may damage giving medication section cells directly or by infecting inflammatory cells in the brain and spinal cor d. HIV may then dumbfound these cells to damage and disable nerve cell The Signs and Symptoms ADC affects behavior, memory, thinking, and movement.
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At first, symptoms are subtle and may be overlooked, only when they become worsened as the disease progresses. Symptoms include but not restrain to: Speech problems Balance problems Clumsiness vim weakness mint problems Loss of bladder control (and from time to time intestine control) Other, rarer symptoms include the following: Sleep disturbances Psychosis - Severe psychogenic and behavioral disorder, with features such as extreme agitation, loss of s peck with reality, inability to respond app! ropriately to the environment, hallucinations, delusions What Aids Does to The Brain If you want to generate a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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