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Analysis 4

16 March 2008The Poetry of Leonard Cohen and Joni MitchellSuzanneOften , in music and numbers , women , in their infinitely fragile and enigmatic tendencies ar iterate subjects and mayhap unwilling victims or volunteers to the creative ruminations of artists and poets This premise is needs affirmed in Leonard Cohen s Suzanne In it the artist begins the ballad by relating Suzanne takes you down to her place near the river / you can hear the boats go by / and you can spend the night beside her / and you know that she s half crazy / but that s why you demand to be on that point (CohenPeople who extend at least a evanescent regulate word to the initial lines in Cohen s striving are then inform to the call s muse . Leonard Cohen ascribes Suzanne with just comely peculiarity and seize that commands interest and perhaps fascination on the part of audiences , and establishes the flavour of song . Cohen proceeds to elaborate on the peculiarities , fragility , violence and charm which constitute the woman that is Suzanne . He breaks into intimate inside information which present themselves as more(prenominal) truthful and frank than slushy and mawkish when he professes And you want to move with her , and you want to travel blind , and you know that she will assert you / for you ve touched her perfective body with your mind (CohenIt affords the song an bonny type of lonesomeness that seems to gravitate on the purest and most crude of forms . Midway through with(predicate) the song however , Cohen shifts his attention from Suzanne to - perhaps unexpectedly - the Nazarene and how , instead of a higher divinity fudge and being , he regards him a mere man insecure to the loneliness indwelling to humanity . Cohen humanizes the son of God by crooning , .

and he spent a long term watching from his alone(p) wooden tower Again the sorrow and trouble which root from loneliness is evinced , treated in a assorted fresh maybe , to display its universality , but is theless habituated the same(p) honest and raw premise it was afforded in the previous paragraphs . The song returns to Suzanne , who , in her apparent salvation army clothed crow , her pronounced half craziness and particular talents for finding conclusion amid the proverbial garbage and flowers is outlined as both ethe real(a) and tellurian , sibylline , and yet widely charming and appealing , real and in some way simultaneously , an illusionEdmonton Alberta When did I stop writing yo u Leonard Cohen implores , more to himself than the individual he is writing of , or about , in a December morning in Alberta . In the verse he speaks of a lost contact with a look holy part of him , embodied , perhaps inevitably in the pretence of a woman . Of this voice or entity in his spike , the artist writes You ve entered the room a hundred multiplication / disguises of sari and armor and jeans / and you sit beside me for hours (CohenThe room being himself , and the accoutrements of sari , armour and jeans representing the disparate degrees and perhaps intensity by which...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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