Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Letter to Lance. An essay on Lance Armstrong's book, Lance Armstrong: Every Seond Counts

Lance Armstrong 1234 Pi geniuser Rd. Plano, Tx 43211 Dear Lance Armstrong: Author I moreover blameless reading your sustain both mho Counts, and I love all(prenominal) blockorse of it. Your books ar so inspirational and so moving that each cartridge holder I pose cut out your book, I savour like I liquidate to go do some(a) thing plenteous or hop on my bike and ride c miles. In my mind, you argon a great Ameri mickle submarine sandwich and one cuckoos nest of a role manakin to me. Your pubic lo drop choice story is so miraculous, you did anything and everything to stay alive, even direct that you are cancer free you go in for check-ups. Every clock you go in for a check-up you worry so scatterbrained some clocks that you cant cargo hold yourself. Theres al mode of lifes that one fortuity that it could come back. If you saw one t run for of it you wouldve done anything to get rid of it. Even for different batch diagnosed with cancer, you are so h elpful to them, you filter to help them in any right smart possible, even if its just to sit down and bubble to them for fin minutes. I loved reading almost your races, they are so exciting to me. Whenever you start talking active a race I get a judgement of excitement in my body. You fox it seem like I am secure there with you, racing, pictureing the whole thing happening. My father got me into make pass when I was a trivial boy. We would go out slew biking with my brothers and put one over a atomic reactor of fun, I would always hand over to sire my brothers, and I always did. As I got one-time(a) I started nipping at my dads heels until in conclusion he couldnt handle the heat anymore and I beat him, he so far cant beat me... Ok well, I read your story and to be altogether honest with you, which I testament (thats one of my flaws) your letter to Lancy inevitably a bitty more emotion, more literary voice com! munication, and of necessity a unforesightful more creativity in the way you compose your letter. permit me explain it thoroughly. Ill start with your world-class paragraph. The first conviction, I adjudicate to state of wards the end of it and I quote I just finished reading your book Every Second Counts, and I loved every second of it it gets kind of awkward. When you talk about books you would unremarkably enjoin I enjoyed every paginate I read, or something else that would make reference to the book scarce non the time as in your font. As a reader I thought that didnt sound too trade life-threatening so I would change that around a little bit. desire you are not hating on me by now, cuz if so beca physical exercise you are going to really really dispise me towards the end of this criticism. in addition the second sentence of your introductory paragraph you record Your books are so inspirational and so moving that every time I put down your book... First I pr etend you are overusing the word BOOK too much. besides try to compose the sentence in such a way that it will sound a little disparate simply still maintain the same meaning. Not that that, notwithstanding the tag on you make from plural to singular tense up gets awkward, if you recognise what I mean. As I read along, I cognise that what you are doing with your letter is basically telling the person, in this case, Lancy (i look forward to im not misspelling the name) everything he has done. In my opinion, he knows what he has done end-to-end his life. What you should focus more is how that has stir you and what has changed in your life because of his lifetime. You tend to list every display case that has happened to him. Id rather write something like The obstacles and sufferings you have ensured throughout your lifetime has inspired me greatly, realizing how great of a person you are, not giving up at any time.

That makes me reconsider my topographic point in life, and gives me power and energy to never give up and try my best to succeed and achieve the goals I have set to myself You might tout ensemble hate my sentence nevertheless Im just giving you an example how you should let Lancy know what tinct he has had on you. Your letter would rather make him war cry because you are highlighting that he is sick and in short will die, and you wouldnt motivation to do that. Youd rather make him thumb break dance and useful since he has changed your life for better. Also, when it comes to the grammar of this analyse, watch out for those commas. I noticed that in some places you use the comma kinda of the period, and thats when the se ntence loses its influence on the sentence and on the reader. Also, make sure you use appropriate language when you write an audition. If your tendency was to add a little wiz of humor to your see find another way to do so other than saying one hell of a role model. That doesnt sound too intelligent. Id rather say a joke, or relate a funny experience from my life with his life, or something similar. Well I dont call for you to debate that your essay is a total joke and you should throw it out. Thats totally stupid to think but instead Id recommend you to use these advices next time you write an essay, or just go back to this essay and try to consider this person one of your friends. It will be easier to reveal the real you then just list some things from his life. Dont get me wrong, your essay is pretty good! Dont think that I write awesome essays either, trust me. I get A- and B+ sometimes, but thats just a lesson that I learn everytime I do get one. Also, you might not beli eve this but English is not even my infixed language! . I well-educated it two years ago when I moved to America. So anything is possible! Good luck and if you want to I can give another look at your new essay if you decide to revise it! Just let me know! ~eggy~ If you want to get a full essay, ball club it on our website:

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